Darrell’s Plan

Climate & Sustainability

District 9 includes some of the most polluted neighborhoods in Denver. A history of environmental and institutional racist policies continues to pollute our air, land and water. We must focus earnestly on reducing the impacts of climate change on our families, our communities and the city at large.

Increase tree canopy

Implement City Forestry strategic plan with clear benchmarks for reducing the heat index effect. Determine if City Forestry is currently in the correct city department.

Increase access to green space

Provide a 10-minute walk or roll to a quality park.

Energize Denver Task Force

Support large buildings transition from natural gas to electric heat pumps beginning 2025.

  • Look at flexibility for rebates in residential transition to electric in D9 neighborhoods
  • Collaborate with Mile High Youth Corps and Energy Outreach Colorado for Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) subsidies
  • Seek CASR & DOTI flexibility on franchise fee dollars that support LEAP to see if additional funds can be scaled for Energize Denver funding for residents

Two-way energy usage

Increase energy solutions from solar panels. Share energy bi-product created as a percentage in the reduction of energy bills for low-income households.

Access to EV charging stations

Designate Welton Street corridor and Larimer Street in Five Points as EV charging hubs.

Pollinator gardens and reduction in non-native lawns

Provide incentives and resources for neighbors to plant pollinator gardens and reduce non-native lawns in new development.

E-Bike Rebate

Expand bike program and increase bike safety education.

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