Elected Officials

Hon. Elbra Wedgeworth Endorses Darrell Watson

Hon. Elbra Wedgeworth — Former President, Denver City Council

“Darrell tackles the toughest issues with dedication, creativity, humility and with a focus on collaboration. As the former President of the Whittier Neighborhood Organization, he proposed developing the Bias Policing Task Force which I supported. His passion and focus on solving the toughest issues in collaboration with the community will serve District 9 and the Denver City Council very well.”

Hon. Mary Beth Susman Endorses Darrell Watson

Hon. Mary Beth Susman – Former President, Denver City Council

“I’ve known Darrell Watson since he was the first person to reach out to me when I was a new City Councilwoman to talk about affordable housing. He has been a passionate champion for sustainable housing and shows it by his tireless volunteerism as then president of the Whittier neighborhood association in Council District 9 and now Chairman of the Housing Stability Strategic Advisors among many other of his community roles. Darrell Watson is an exceptional leader in our city, with expertise and wide experience in city and community building.”

Hon. Joyce Foster Endorses Darrell Watson

Hon. Joyce Foster – Former Denver City Council President

“As a former President of Denver City Council and Colorado State Senator, I understand the necessity for transparency, accountability and strong leadership from our elected leaders. Darrell Watson is the candidate we can trust to bring those values to city council. He has exactly what it takes to lead Denver and the residents of District 9 forward, and he will work tirelessly to make life better for those in our city. The ability to work with other council members and the Mayor’s office constructively on behalf of your constituents is one of the most essential opportunities for this role. Darrell Watson can and will do just that. I am proud to endorse him for Denver City Council District 9.”

Hon. Ramona E Martinez Endorses Darrell Watson

Hon. Ramona E Martinez – Former President, Denver City Council

“As a former member of the Denver City Council, I have decided to endorse Darrell Watson for Denver City Council District #9. As a lifelong resident of Denver, I feel Darrell understands the value of all residents in the district regardless of what neighborhood they reside in. Darrell has the skill and the intellect to lead as the tough issues continue to be dealt with. He will serve in a positive and professional manner. And will know how to handle the needs and the demand of services that must be kept up with the growth in this district. Darrell will bring back the spirit of collaboration and will work to get things done for District 9 and the city as a whole.”

Honorable Alex Valdez Endorses Darrell Watson

Honorable Alex Valdez, Colorado State Representative – House District 5

“Darrell has consistently demonstrated an ability to work constructively and collaboratively with community leaders, city council members, and with departments throughout the city. He has the ideal skill set and professional acumen to advance solutions to the biggest issues facing our city. I am honored to endorse Darrell Watson.”

Michael Carrigan Endorses Darrell Watson

Michael Carrigan – Former CU Regent

“I am proud to endorse Darrell Watson to be the next Denver City Councilmember representing District 9. Darrell brings the leadership, experience, and determination necessary to address the issues facing our city. He has demonstrated the skills to work collaboratively with the community, Denver Police and safety net organizations to elevate public safety issues and deliver common sense solutions.”

Community Leaders

Susan Powers Endorses Darrell Watson

Susan Powers – President, Urban Ventures, LLC

“Darrell is a compassionate person whose history in the neighborhood, combined with his business background will serve District 9 well. His past and current involvement with City policy regarding affordable housing will allow him to participate immediately in those topics at the City Council level. I have found him to be open minded to new ideas and to be willing to do the work. I can’t think of a better representative than Darrell to lead District 9 on the City Council.”

Ryan D. Cobbins Endorses Darrell Watson

Ryan D. Cobbins – Entrepreneur, Coffee at the Point

“I stand with Darrell Watson for Denver City Council District 9, not because I’m against someone else.  I’m for Darrell Watson because he stands for community, integrity, love for all people, and passion for making a positive impact in the community in that I live.  I support Darrell Watson because he has supported me and Coffee at The Point long before running for office.  I will fight for Darrell Watson because of what his positive leadership and strategic thinking will mean to my neighborhood.”

Michael Sapp Endorses Darrell Watson

Michael Sapp – Community Leader

“I endorse Darrell Watson to be the next City Councilmember to represent District 9 because I know that he has the humility to seek out and listen to all members of the community whether you agree with him or not. Once elected he will collaborate constructively with the other council members to ensure that the voices and solutions developed by neighbors throughout D9 are adopted.

Morris Price, VP Grants & Impact, The Colorado Trust, Past Board Chair GLBT Center of CO & Past Chair Denver GLBT Commission

“I have known Darrell Watson for almost 30 years. As the Chair of Colorado Stonewall Democrats, he collaborated on post-Amendment 2 strategies with legislators and Equality Lobby (now One Colorado) to bring forward laws that protect the LGBTQIA+ communities. As the vice chair of the NorthEast Denver Innovation Zone, he collaborated with education leaders, school administrators, students, and parents to promote innovation and excellence to bolster student achievement. Darrell consistently demonstrates curiosity, competency, and commitment in working with the community to solve the toughest issues facing our city. I fully support Darrell to become our next Denver City Councilperson in District 9.”


The Color of Cannabis Endorses Darrell Watson

Sarah Woodson, Executive Director The Color of Cannabis

“The Color of Cannabis is honored to endorse Darrell Watson for Denver City Council District 9. Darrell is a small business owner and will be a champion for our small businesses. He understands the positive impact that Denver’s social equity program with municipal leadership can have on communities that have been disproportionately harmed by the ‘War on Drugs.’ He won’t simply talk about solidarity: he will deliver it.”

Denver Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 858 Endorses Darrell Watson

Denver Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 858

“Darrell Watson has already been working tirelessly to ensure that Denver is on the path to be an excellent city both for its citizens and businesses that choose to make Denver home. He is walking the walk in his efforts as Co-Chair of the Housing Stability Strategic Advisors (HOST), Co-Chair of the Denver Game Plan for a Healthy City and the Co-Chair of the Denver Biased Policing Task Force. Please join your Fire Fighters of Denver and support Darrell Watson for Denver City Council District 9.”

Pipefitters Local 208 Endorses Darrell Watson

Pipefitters Local 208

“Denver Pipefitters Local 208 and our members are excited to endorse Darrell Watson for Denver City Council District 9. Darrell was raised in a working class family, and he will work tirelessly to ensure that the people who are building our city will also be able to live in our city. Working families need a champion in city council who will listen to their needs and act on their behalf. Darrell is that champion. Denver Pipefitters Local 208 are proud to stand with Darrell during this municipal election cycle because we know that he will stand with working families as an elected official representing everyone in Denver City Council District 9.” — Gary Arnold, Business Manager

Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Associations Endorses Darrell Watson

Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Associations

“Darrell is a leader in the community. He understands the importance of the construction trade and values apprenticeship programs, like the ones Rocky Mountain MCA is affiliated with in Denver. He will be a champion for working families as the next city council member from District 9, and his work trying to navigate homelessness in Denver comes at a pivot and important time for our City. That is why we at the Rocky Mountain Contractors Associations are proud to support his campaign for Denver City Council District 9.”

Plumber Local Union 3 Endorses Darrell Watson

Plumbers Local Union 3

Darrell has spent the past 20 years working in his community to make Denver a safer, healthier and more affordable city. He is a champion for workers rights and will fight to ensure working families have the resources they need to not just survive, but thrive. Plumbers Local 3 is proud to endorse Darrell Watson for City Council District 9 and look forward to partnering with him to tackle Denver’s biggest challenges. – Sean Wyatt, Business Manager

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