Darrell’s Plan

Economic Development

I am committed to expanding economic development and ensuring that all District 9 residents benefit from this growth. Here are some of my top priorities for achieving this goal:

Sustaining Black Business in Historic Five Points

We will continue to collaborate with businesses in Historic Five Points to ensure that they remain viable and the businesses that recently closed that they have a path back to reopening on the Point.

Herman Malone Fund

Expand the fund to be inclusive of Historic Five Points, even though it is not considered a NEST neighborhood.

Five Points Incubator

Collaborate with entrepreneurs to develop an incubator that provides access to capital, accounting, legal, management and other technical assistance free of charge to Welton Street corridor and Five Points businesses, as well as other small businesses across District 9.

Federal and Local Funding

Establish a long term fund similar to the Deerfield Fund that provides no interest loans and grants to current and new businesses operating in District 9.

Investing in workforce development

City council can prioritize investing in workforce development programs to ensure that District 9 residents have the skills and training necessary to succeed in today’s job market. This could include working with local educational institutions to provide training programs, apprenticeships, and other opportunities for residents to learn new skills and advance their careers.

Increase apprenticeships

Leverage existing apprenticeship programs managed by Servicio de la Raza and Denver labor unions to increase job opportunities in D9 communities.

Supporting sustainable development

City council can prioritize supporting sustainable development initiatives that help protect the environment while also contributing to economic growth in neighborhoods across District 9. This could include incentivizing the use of renewable energy, promoting green infrastructure, and partnering with local organizations to develop sustainable business practices.

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