Darrell’s Plan

Denver Housing

District 9 residents know that we are facing a housing crisis: it is too expensive compared to income, it is not located where people want to live, and there isn’t enough of it. I will be a champion of housing affordability in Denver, increasing the pace of construction of affordable housing units to be built in neighborhoods across our city. A lens of equity will inform all of my approaches to housing.

I am committed to workforce housing that targets educators, restaurant workers, and first responder incomes (60-80% of area median income or approximately 50-60k) as well as affordable housing that targets incomes at 30% and 50% (approximately 25-40k) of area median income levels.

Currently, there are 1,202 affordable units that have received city financing under construction at 25 sites throughout Denver. An additional 779 income-restricted units are in the planning stage. We need a council member who will collaborate with – not alienate – government agencies, the business and nonprofit sector, and the community to expedite this process. My efforts will focus on the following:

Support for Homeownership

Increase sources of funding for attainable and affordable housing, including the expansion of the Deerfield fund and CHAFA programs to provide down payment assistance for first-time buyers up to 80% AMI.

Area Plan Adoption

Fast-track the adoption of area plans that communities have created, including Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as an allowable use across District 9.

Permit Process Reforms

  • Streamline permitting process to reduce the permit timeline from an average of 18 months to 3 months in order to meet Proposition 123 requirements.
  • Coordinate with administration to transition the permit team from Community Planning and Development back to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.
  • Implement capacity management process that provides for 9-5 Monday – Friday staffed permit window to answer questions supporting frontline customer service.
  • Pre-Approved Prototypes: Streamline “missing middle” housing typologies with simplified reviews and prototype pre-approved designs.

Affordable Housing Mandate

Implement the Enhancing Housing Affordability policy, which is the first affordable housing mandate in the state of Colorado.

Prioritization Policy

Implement the DRAFT prioritization policy making its way through HOST that provides prioritization of formerly displaced residents into new affordable housing in their former District 9 neighborhoods.

RNO Reform

Collaborate on reforms with residents to create inclusive Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNO).

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