Darrell’s Plan

Public Safety

Denver is at a crossroads, and our city is changing in ways that seemed unimaginable ten years ago. Our crime stats paint a sobering picture, including that Denver is #1 in car thefts. Our violent crime rate is up 10% and drug-related crimes increased 24% (both in 2022). The Denver Gazette just reported that District 9 Crime Rate is 91% higher than the second worst district in the city.

We need to make changes now.

Fully Fund Denver Police Department

DPD is short 200+ cadets; those candidates should be recruited from neighborhoods throughout the city to ensure that the officers hired represent the communities they serve. DPD must also reconstitute the vehicle theft team that no longer exists.

Enforce Current Laws

If you commit a crime in Denver, there must be meaningful penalties and restitution.

Baseline Public Safety and Public Health Ratio

Large site plan developments like Pure Development in Globeville, Mission Ballroom in Cole etc. increases the number of residents in need of public services. The city must create a baseline of impact from organic growth and planned development to existing Fire, Police and Denver Health services. A public safety/public health review to right size existing funding and project FTE is needed to maintain support based on increased density.

Fund Alternative Responses to DPD

As your councilmember, I will continue to fully fund both the STAR and co-responder programs that provide clinicians and mental health experts as alternatives to DPD in non-violent interactions.
  • Assessment Intake and Diversion Center – Increase funding and scale based on success the Assessment Intake and Diversion Center as a prototype alternative to incarceration. Available for possession of controlled substance (not distribution), trespass, shoplifting etc.

Implement Police Reforms

Continue to review and implement reforms that increase transparency in police contacts with residents and provide accountability if the outcome of those contacts impact civil liberties.

Increase Community Health Funding

Denver Health Association has a perpetual funding gap. We will review and ensure that we levelset the budget to fund more holistically our primary public safety net hospital.

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