Darrell’s Plan

Public Transportation & Safe Streets

Improving public transportation is critical to addressing issues related to traffic congestion, air pollution, pedestrian/cyclist safety, and access to essential services in our community. Here are some of my top priorities for improving Denver’s transportation system:

Expand Micro Transit Options

Denver must fully fund expanded micro transit options – namely the Denver Connector (Montbello & GES current ride share program) – as a means to provide free or deeply discounted connectors managed by DOTI to supplement RTD regional transport will move more folks away from car trips.

Safer Streets

Construct and maintain (i.e. snowplowing) protected bike lanes that connect throughout the city. It is not the miles of bike lanes we should be measuring, but rather the safety of the lanes as well as the connectivity those bike lanes provide. I will propose leveraging funds through CASR to expedite the VAMOS initiative to increase safe protected routes throughout the city.

Fully fund Vision Zero

There has been an increase in funds for Vision Zero, but it is still insufficient to reduce vehicle deaths to zero by 2030.

Denver Deserves Sidewalks

Fully implement Denver Deserves Sidewalks and ensure that execution is equitable.

Implement smart transit solutions

City council can prioritize investing in smart transit solutions that use real-time data and analytics to improve the efficiency and reliability of public transportation services. This could include implementing technologies such as predictive maintenance, real-time traffic management, and smart traffic signals.

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